The CW's Monster Drama Transylvania Has the Potential For Cheesy Goodness

Transylvania’s Bran Castle image by Todor Bozhinov via Wikimedia Commons

We already knew that the CW was cooking up an 1880-set show called Transylvania, about “a headstrong young woman” (sigh) who travels from New York to Transylvania in search of her missing father, with the added bonus of encounters with “the most famous monsters and villains in history.”

We now know who’ll be playing said headstrong lass, as well as the “wrongfully disgraced Scotland Yard detective” who becomes her ally, and Igor, a “hunchback who robs graves for his master,” er, “a gentle hunchback known for his technical genius.”


Here’s the full scoop from Deadline:

British actor Luke Allen-Gale (Dominion) has been cast as the male lead opposite Aussie Laura Brent in the CW genre-themed drama pilot Transylvania. Also cast in the pilot, from CBS TV Studios, is Canadian actor Evan Stern. Written by Hugh Sterbakov and directed by Jason Ensler, Transylvania is set in 1880 and centers on Victoria (Brent), a headstrong young woman in search of her missing father who ventures from NYC to Transylvania where she teams with a wrongfully disgraced Scotland Yard Detective, Inspector Godfrey (Allen-Gale), and together they witness the births of the most famous monsters and villains in history. Stern will play Igor, a gentle hunchback known for his technical genius.

The title pretty much guarantees that the famous monsters will include Dracula; having an “Igor” suggests rather strongly we’ll be seeing Dr. Frankenstein/his monster/maybe the Bride as well. Predictions, just for the hell of it: Victoria’s missing father will be a werewolf, and Jack the Ripper will also barge in at some point.

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