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Rather than add a whole bunch of superhero shows to its line-up, the CW is currently developing a show which'll bring a number of the recurring heroes from The Flash and Arrow into one show. On deck? Brandon Routh, Victor Garber, Wentworth Miller and Caity Lotz. Wait. Caity "Sara Lance" Lotz?


So that's the Atom, half of Firestorm, Captain Cold, and Black Canary in what's being called a "superhero team-up show." Caity Lotz is a giant curveball, since we've been treated to a whole season of people reacting to her death. It's been a big deal. I'll happily let them have it, though, if it means we get Sara's Black Canary back.

This is a great move on their part, since it didn't seem like giving every hero their own show was one that was sustainable. This gets us more of things we love without it being fatiguing. Plus, making it a team-up right out of the gate means a natural venue for crossing over Arrow and Flash.


The same people behind the other two shows — Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim — are being tasked with developing this one. Which, it should be stated, is in very early stages of development. Not that the CW isn't likely to greenlight it, as good as the other two shows have been for them.

Finally, in another bit of news to speculate wildly about, Deadline reports that the team will also include three major DC heroes we haven't seen on TV yet. Bring it on, CW. We're ready for this not-Justice League.

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