In addition to all the new scifi and supernatural shows it mentioned yesterday, The CW has also just ordered a pilot for a live-action series titled Cheerleader Death Squad, from Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry. Call me crazy, but I'm going to guess that the CW will order a complete first season of this thing.

Here's how Variety describes it:

The one-hour pilot follows a former CIA agent-turned-teacher who realizes that his elite students at a Washington, D.C., prep school have high level access through their personal connections — and trains them to be his eyes and ears in the world of international espionage so he can make his way back into the CIA.


I can't even imagine a more CW-ish show than this one — the CW execs must have thought they'd died and gone to network heaven when Cherry pitched it to them. Anyways, the image up top is from the old Cheerleader Camp movie poster, not the new show, which of course has nothing but its CW-tastic concept. I figured it'd serve the purpose.

[Via The AV Club]