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The CW Is Still Aiming to Air Full Seasons in 2021, Even With the Delay

From Riverdale.
From Riverdale.
Image: CW

The novel coronavirus has done a fantastic job of delaying pretty much every ongoing project in filmmaking and television. But the CW hopes to rebound as quickly as possible.


As reported by TV Line, the CW, when it returns for its full “fall” season in 2021, as is currently planned, aims to come back with full season orders for its shows. Recently, we learned that the CW delayed everything to 2021, giving them time to, pandemic willing, put together some new things for us to see by then, including premiering Superman & Lois and maybe other new shows along with the network’s stable of ongoing shows, including The Flash, Batwoman, Charmed, and Riverdale. When that news broke, it was also revealed that the normal CW superhero universe crossover event would be smaller than normal, which could easily lead one to the conclusion that these seasons would be a bit more modest in scope than a normal offering of full-season network television.

Not so, apparently, as CW’s president Mark Pedowitz told TV Line that the network was still aiming on producing full season orders for all of its shows.


“We are planning our normal episodic counts,” Pedowitz said. “We have some shows that’ll have 22 or 20 [episodes], we’ll have some shows at 13.”

He added, “We plan to continue [with that goal in mind], and we’ll see how the world progresses.”

With the CW one of the first networks to announce its plans for recommencing its next season’s programming, this may provide a blueprint for how other networks go about handling the problem. That is, if the pandemic shapes up in a way that allows this to happen at all. As with all things right now, best to wait and see.


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Enter Something Witty Here

Yeah, maybe 22 isnt the way to go?

Look at Flash, 22 episodes and the pacing is horrible. As proved by this season with them stretching out Iris being trapped in the mirror. They couldn’t resolved that because of the pandemic, but more importantly, they wasted several episodes before they even got to the point of trying to rescue her with a dumb B plot.

Cut 6 episodes and your not trying to keep a storyline going that can be solved with less episodes..