The CW is sexifying the 70s British show The Tomorrow People for today's audiences

Illustration for article titled The CW is sexifying the 70s British show emThe Tomorrow People/em for todays audiences

Hot teen mutants with problems! The CW is staging a massive revamp of the classic British TV show The Tomorrow People. Which means lots of hot guys, sexy ladies repeatedly breathing into each other's mouths and maybe fighting crime with mutant powers.


The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Greg Berlanti (Arrow) and Julie Plec (Vampire Diaries) are teaming up to remake Tomorrow People... today.

The Tomorrow People was the story of a bunch of young people who represented the next stage in human evolution. Which means they all have special powers, such as telepathy or teleportation. But there's a catch: they're so evolved, they can't use violence to solve problems, so they have to use their brains. TWIST! Plec and Berlanti have a script, but more importantly these two met while working on Dawson's Creek. Which means they have a PHD in teen melodrama.

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I liked the early 90s version better!