The CW is really, really liking The Flash TV show

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The Flash TV show must be looking good, because The CW just decreed that the scarlet speedster will get a stand-alone pilot, and not the "back-door pilot" he was previously given. This means that the Flash pilot will be presented as the first episode of The Flash TV show, instead of getting tucked in as Arrow's 20th episode.


Barry Allen will still be making his first appearance in Arrow episodes 8 and 9 before donning his iconic costume in his pilot. According to Deadline, The CW execs were so impressed with the character in those episodes they made the call to move his first appearance as a superhero from a late-in-the-season Arrow episode to his own official debut. Not only is this a major vote of confidence in the show, but pilots get much bigger budgets than regular episodes — which the "back-door pilot" would have obviously been one of — so this is very good news all-around.

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The question is - do they call it the Flash? With the DC trend lately, Im expecting it to be called "Fastest" or something.