The CW Is Out of New Shows, So it's Re-Running Crisis on Infinite Earths

Looks like a crisis!
Looks like a crisis!
Image: CW

The pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus is continuing to have major reverberations all around the entertainment world, delaying and derailing productions, release schedules, and sales numbers. So what’s a network to do when the pipeline of new episodes for the late spring runs dry? If you’re CW, you return to what works.

As reported by Heroic Hollywood, the CW will re-air Crisis on Infinite Earths, it’s universe-wide mega event, during April to fill up suddenly vacant air time. Did you miss the dizzying array of cameos, callbacks, and universe-rending drama? This is going to be an excellent time to catch up and to experience it as a live TV event, which is nice. Experiencing something like this as a weeklong live TV event is one of the big joys of the classic television crossover—watching the thing unfold over time, with enough of a gap in between for suspense and anticipation.

The first of the four installments of Crisis will air on April 7th, with the second installment immediately after and the third and fourth installments airing on the 8th and 9th. If you’ve fallen behind on the Arrowverse or you’re just wanting to see Brandon Routh play the dignified older Superman we never imagined he had in him, this is your lucky break. 


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In the midst of a global crisis that’s claiming lives and jobs at an exponential rate, it’ll be nice to escape into a multiversal crisis that’s stopped by superheroes over the span of five episodes.

Anyone read the 2-part tie-in comic books?

Favorite episode: part 3.

Favorite cameo: toughie. Gotta’ go with Ezra Miller for the complete surprise factor, but it’s really a four-way tie with Marv Wolfman, Tom Ellis, and Burt “Holy Crimson Skies of Death!” Ward.

I’ve tried to rewatch that first part, and it’s rough. They just tried to cram too much into that episode. A little armchair writing/producing: I would’ve made the Batwoman and Supergirl episodes tributes to previous TV and film depictions of Batman and Superman, respectively.