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The cutest killer kaiju are no match for the “Battlepug”

Battlepug is a revenge webcomic with an adorable twist. A barbarian warrior sees his entire village destroy by a deadly (but super cute) baby seal and sets off on a quest to find his true destiny: rider of the Battlepug.

Illustration for article titled The cutest killer kaiju are no match for the “Battlepug”

Battlepug started life as a goofy t-shirt design. The comic site iFanboy asked comic book artist Mike Norton to come up with a signature t-shirt, and the result was a barbarian riding a giant Pug. And thus the Battlepug was born.

Battlepug follows the adventures of a young boy who sees his entire village destroyed by a giant baby seal. Amidst the destruction, he sees a strange man riding a tiger, and vows to someday take revenge. As he grows up, he finds himself enslaved by Santa Claus, facing down a terrible toad, and meeting his smushy-faced, blank-eyed destiny.


What makes Battlepug so much fun is Norton's straight-faced approach to this classic pulp tale, even while he throws us such goofy visuals. Our nameless hero doesn't bat an eye as he hunts down a seal while holding a giant candy cane or is whipped while carrying sacks of toys. He battles with the strange beasties are earnest and filled with action, and leave you wondering what adorable terror comes next.

[Battlepug] UPDATE 7/16: Looks like the new traffic probably downed the site. Urgh.

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I started clicking through a few strips and it now says account suspended. Oops