The Cutest Cylon Centurion In The Galaxy

Knitting artist and Cylon sympathizer Thea has created a fantastic Centurion stocking cap. More details and pics await you, but if BSG isn't your flavor, how about a Twilight knit to spark your interest?


How adorable is this hat? It's even knitted to follow the indents and shape of the robot's head! Seriously, Thea, well done. All of the instructions are on her site, including a pattern and which metallic yarn she used.

Another genre knitting item is popping up all over the internet, Bella's gloves from Twililght. Remember the scene where little Miss B almost gets squashed by a car and the pasty-faced vampire saves her. Well here is the pattern for her gloves from that scene from the site Subliminal Rabbit.

Keep up the amazing craft work, guys — we expect to see cylon hats outnumber the Jayne hats at this year's San Diego Comic Con.


[Lick The Light Switch]

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