The (Cute) Spawn of Clones

Now that cloned animals are having babies, as well as spawning second and third generation clones, there's no telling when the cloning madness will stop.

The kittens pictured here are the children of CC, the first cloned cat. They were born healthy and cute in 2006.


But this year, scientists in Korea announced that they created healthy cloned cats from clones. In a paper published in Theriogenology journal, the creators of the clone-of-clone kittens write:

We successfully produced second-generation cloned cats by somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) using skin cells from a cloned cat. Skin cells from an odd-eyed, all-white male cat (G0 donor cat) were used to generate a cloned cat (G1 cloned cat). At 6 months of age, skin cells from the G1 cloned cat were used for SCNT to produce second-generation cloned cats.

No word yet on whether the second-generation clones are cute, but they are definitely alive and thriving.

Think that's crazy? In Japan, scientists have successfully created fourth-generation cloned pigs. Even better than that: One of the first cloned dogs is learning Klingon. According to the San Jose Mercury News:

[Cloned dog] Kahless lives with a linguist in Boulder, Colo., where she is being taught commands in the Klingon language from "Star Trek." (In the "Star Trek" franchise, Kahless was a legendary Klingon leader who was cloned in an episode of "The Next Generation" series.)


Photo via AP Photo/Texas A&M University, Larry Wadsworth.

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