Looking to kill time with an old-school point-and-click adventure? Kieron Gillen, the comics writer behind Phonogram and the upcoming X-series Generation Hope, has penned a free interactive fiction game, The Curfew, which is set in an authoritarian Britain circa 2027.


The game, which was made by Channel 4 and Littleloud studio, takes place after a failed nuclear detonation in London brings the pro-security Shepherd Party into power. The Shepherd Party implements a nationwide curfew at 9 PM. Your character is on the run from the police for clandestine reasons and must take refuge in a safe house with other misfits. Here's the game's backstory in a mock informational film for the Shepherd Party and a character testimonial.

Overall, the game is nifty and has strains of Orwell and V for Vendetta that should appeal to fans of the UK dystopia genre. Also, the character acting occasionally veers towards the melodramatic, but I find such hamminess weirdly endearing. It brings back fond memories of old film footage games for the Sega CD, namely Night Trap.

[Via Bleeding Cool]

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