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We’re just over a month away from Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant, a film that’s built its marketing strategy not just on teasers and trailers, but viral clips (like “Meet Walter,” an intro to the movie’s android). The latest are a pair of transmissions to Earth from two Covenant crew members.

Daniels (Katherine Waterston), speaking to her father (you’re forgiven if you immediately picture the actress’ real-life dad, Sam Waterston, even though he’s not actually in the movie), is optimistic but apprehensive. The video message is intercut with horrifying glimpses of what lurks in her near future, presented in the style of found-footage horror.

In a much shorter video, Oram (Billy Crudup) reads a prepared speech about “the majesty of creation,” with some very similar found-footage shocks sprinkled throughout.

Alien: Covenant, which is thankfully not actually a found-footage film, is out May 19.


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