The Crew Of Stargate Atlantis Answers Your Questions

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The Stargate Atlantis crew was there for you io9ers. At this years Comic-Con, io9 commenters were allowed to submit questions to the SGA crew. Click through to find out if your query was selected and learn more details on the upcoming Atlantis series, including interoffice hookups and Firefly guest stars.


The panel was moderated by the show's producer Martin Gero, and included Jewel Staite, Joe Flanigan (John Sheppard), Robert Picardo (Richard Woolsey) and writer Brad Wright. Your questions are below.

From IO9's wraithfodder: What was the most difficult episode to film in season 5 so far?

Joe Flanigan: "Search and Rescue." It was the first show we came back to. I was back in the thick of it. There were a lot personal things going on and then I got my stride back after my first paycheck.

Jewel: My most difficult episode so far has been "Tracker." Once again I am kidnapped in the woods and filthy and crying and in peril. I don't know what Carl [producer/writer Carl Binder] has against me.

Joe Flanigan: [interrupts] Or for you.

Jewel Staite: I just read another one that Carl wrote, and again I'm kidnapped in the woods.


Richard Picardo: We did an episode that is a war crimes trial and Woolsey has to defend Atlantis in court . Woolsey has 9 pages of dialogue.

What kind of development is Woolsey going to get?

Richard Picardo: We find out that he was divorced and that the wife got the dog in the divorce. And that was his only other emotional connection. He's a briefing guy, a theorist, and he has to reinvent himself. It's intesting to play a character who knows all the rules but has to break them. And it's fun to play a character who is kind of a dick.


What do you think about your character so far Joe?

Joe Flanigan: It's actually kind of interesting. The character's evolved a lot. He's much more of a team player. And he flies spaceships better than he did in the first year.

Robert, were you worried about replacing Samantha Carter?


Joe Flanigan: You do make a hot female lead.

Robert Picardo: I'm not replacing her. I'm simply providing a bald middle aged male alternative.


If Stargate Atlantis is canceled for Stargate Universe, can you give SGA to another station?

Joe Flanigan: Having SG-1 and Atlantis on at the same time was actually great. It's like having two restaurants on the same street. You think it might not work but they actually both give each other business.


If any of you could switch roles with any other characters, who would you chose?

Joe Flanigan: I would play Robert Picardo kidnapped in a forest with Jewel.

Robert Picardo: I'd play Jewel's character, mostly because I'm already familiar with the medical jargon already.


Jewel Staite: I'd like to be Teyla for a day. Because she's hot. I like her outfits, she's hot.

Who do we get to see this year?

Martin Gero: Michael Shanks (Dr. Daniel Jackson) will be back on the franchise. Dr. Beckett will be in for 4 more episodes and Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter) will be coming back this year as well.


Jewel, what's the difference between this character and Kaylee from Firefly?

Jewel Staite: There's a lot less shiny. I miss my shiny. I don't miss the ruffley dress, I don't miss that dress. It's a lot harder I have to look like know what I'm doing. On Firefly the prop director would bring over a box of scifi tools and say, "Okay, pick one," and Joss would say "Okay, now go fiddle over there."

Any other Firefly crew coming to Stargate?


Jewel Staite: I want Nathan Fillion to play a Wraith. Just cause I'd like to see him go through the make up [crowd goes nuts].

What are you excited about for your character this year Jewel?

Jewel Staite: I would like to see her make a choice already, and she does. So I'm very excited about that.


What's the difference between Stargate and Firefly?

Jewel Staite: This one doesn't get canceled.

What happened to Dr. Weir one?

Brad Wright: question. Oh, she got lost in a city.

Martin Gero: I don't know what you're talking about, they look remarkably similar to me.

Is SG-1 Ben Browder coming over?


Martin Gero: I would love to, but we're in a personal feud [jokes]. So, not that I know of yet?

From the looks of it, this could be Atlantis' best year. All they need to win me over is a Cameron Mitchell cameo and I'm all set. (Sadly, I'm not holding my breath. At the Stargate Continuum panel Ben Browder jokingly complained that he's the only member that hasn't been on the show yet.)


Photo by Mike Huang