Remember the episode "Twin Destinies" when SGU duplicated itself by traveling back in time 12 hours? Of course you do - it was 5 episodes ago! Well wonder of wonders, this week we finally found out where the twin crew went.


The odds of the Destiny crew running into their future descendants is pretty slim, but so is concocting a "gate" that will allow you to jump from planet to planet. So you have to give SGU a little leeway when they handle a time travel episode. And we quite liked this episode titled "Common Descent." Not too terribly much happened as far as character development or plot, but it was a small fan servicey sort of episode where we got to explore the "what if" side to this grittier Stargate series.

What if the Destiny crew was forced to park on a planet and make do with what they were handed? What would happen to them all? By stumbling onto a group of new planet settlers, we were able to answer that in this episode. Turns out the twin Destiny (from the time travel episode) was forced to make a go of it on a new planet. And when present day Destiny runs into their 2,000-year-old time twins the crew is given a glimpse into their future. Eli has a kid, TJ has a kid, they build a tiny shaker village, and learn how to manufacture cloth and hair gel.

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Oh, and Young looks like this now.

It was a fairly simple episode with a few laughs. It was great to find out the myth of Rush had turned him into a God on one side of the past nation, and an urban legend about a demon who rips people's souls from their bodies. Both true! Brody and Volker also had a few classic jokes when arguing over the names of the nations on the planet.

But the real surprise came in the end. The drones (for some reason) are following the Destiny and they follow the big ship all the way to the planet where some of the settlers have been trapped after their gate broke looking for new places to live as the 2,000-year-old planet was having a lot of problems with earthquakes, etc. Young brings the members on board (after some tense action) and promises to return the lost settlers to their homeworld: The planet that twin Destiny founded. But when they get there, the whole place is destroyed and there isn't a creature left. (It's actually a bit sad, damn you SGU for saving this kind of stuff for the second season).

Sad, but more importantly, the Destiny is screwed. We guess they could drop the settlers back off on their crap planet where they've been merely surviving. Although we're kind of hoping they help the settlers find a new and better place to live. It doesn't seem like the ship has the resources to support everyone, but it would be pretty great if Young and Rush took on the responsibility of the last surviving members of the ancestors and tried to help them start anew. There's only three more episodes left, so the chances that they just drop them off no the lone planet and hit reset are high. But SGU has been getting better and better, so fingers crossed they go for the bigger story.


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