We’re about to get bombarded with Super Bowl commercials, trailers and more from some of the biggest films of the year. But Sony hopes you remember one more than the rest: Life.

It’s a simple title for a simple premise. A group of astronauts go into space and find something bad. Think Alien with Ryan Reynolds, Rebecca Ferguson, and Jake Gyllenhaal. They already released a Super Bowl commercial and now, here’s a brand new trailer too, which gives us a really good idea of the film’s story and a quick look at the creature itself.

I wasn’t really on board with this film after the first few looks. Even the Super Bowl spot isn’t great. But this trailer, explaining the story, showing the octopus/ribbon alien, the storybook rhyme, this one got me. I’m officially looking forward to this.


Life, written by the team behind Deadpool, is coming soon. It’s out March 24.