We weren't crazy about 47 Ronin as a movie — but it had absolutely stunning creature design, based on Japanese mythological beasts and monsters. And now, concept art shop Framestore has released a ton of concept art showing their take on the Kirin, the dragon and others.

Framestore (which has collaborated with io9 in the past) did a ton of work on the movie's creatures. As Kevin Jenkins, Art Director & Lead Concept Artist, explains:

After some initial work was done by the Production Design team, myself and my team then handled all creature and effects designs for the show. All the designs were meant as a tribute to the wonderful Miyazaki movies, as that was the Director's inspiration as well.

I was especially pleased with the dragon design as this was a last minute addition and was a sequence added well after production had wrapped. I produced the initial sketches for the dragon, which then were worked up by the team and handed over to VFX.

Check out some more of our favorites, featuring the aforementioned dragon as well as the kirin and some other beasties, below. And see more over at the Framestore blog, here and here.