The Creators Of That Silly Homemade Revenge of the Sith Remake Are Tackling Attack of the Clones Next

Image: Lucasfilm

There’s a certain glory to not having a budget. You have to get creative. Or very, very silly.

Silly was the route chosen by the Knights of Renesmee, who we spotlighted last year for making a full, shot-for-shot remake of Revenge of the Sith in their backyards, complete with all the most terrible special effects and intentional bloopers they could get away with.


Now, the Knights are back, this time tackling a film even more awkward, even more goofy, even more rife for riffing: Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

Below, you can find a trailer from the Knights, previewing their gleefully goofy take on the unloved middle child of the Star Wars prequels. “I love democracy. I love the Republic.” Can you believe that was a real line in this film?

Also, I’m partial to the Anakin ripping off his shirt gag. That’s definitely something Anakin Skywalker would do.

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