The Creators of Homestar Runner Just Dropped a Massive, Three-Volume Soundtrack

Our old friends.
Our old friends.

Sing with me: todaybor day is Labor Day...

Remember Homestar Runner? You know, one of the best things to ever happen on the internet? The surreal, silly, and infinitely quotable internet cartoon/website/thing was a defining presence of the early ‘00s internet. And now (hat tip to Nerdist here) the creators have released a sprawling, three-volume soundtrack album. So the sounds of Homestar Runner can be yours, forever.


This soundtrack set doesn’t include the biggest, biggest hits—those were already released as “Strong Bad Sings” albums—and it doesn’t include everything from the sprawling release history of the website. But what’s here is great. The theme song to “Teen Girl Squad”! “Todaybor Day Is Labor Day”! The song from that one time Strongbad went to jail!

If that previous paragraph didn’t read like complete gibberish to you, this is probably a release you’ll enjoy. It’s available on Spotify and most other streaming outlets (even Tidal!), and you can buy it via Amazon, iTunes, or Google Play Store.

If your favorite absurdist Homestar Runner jingle isn’t represented here, worry not, more volumes are reportedly coming.

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