The Creators Behind Once Upon a Time are Making a Fairy Tale Anthology

From Once Upon a Time.
From Once Upon a Time.
Image: ABC

Which, you know, tracks.

As shared by our friends at the Hollywood Reporter, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, the minds behind the increasingly out-there showcase of Disney cheese Once Upon a Time, are working on a new pilot for ABC in the form of a fairy tale-based anthology series.


Called Epic, THR says it is a “romantic anthology that reinvents fairy tales for a new audience.” The script for the pilot will be written by long-time Horowitz and Kitsis collaborator Brigitte Hales. It’ll be the latest in a line of collaborations done as part of the duo’s overall deal with ABC, which is worth just a whole boatload of money.

The series, reportedly, will focus on fairy tale characters that are also Disney properties. Which.... wait, wasn’t that just Once Upon a Time? Are they just making Once Upon a Time again? What’s happening?

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If they just want to make more Once Upon a Time... Everafter or something I am okay with that. I liked the format and the series was a lot of fun until it became clear they were always afraid of getting cancelled and just started going all in on the Disney connection (The half season of Frozen was horrible and I LOVE Frozen) so having a season long stories actually seems like a good idea. As they were never the best of connecting everything in a coherent way, especially at the end when as I said real-world considerations started getting in the way.

So ya... more Disney based fairy tales please and thank you. I am okay with that. Hell, if they want bring back some of the cast from Once Upon a Time Lana Parrilla needs to be the Evil Queen again.