The Creator Of The IT Crowd Is Co-Writing A Science Fiction Sitcom

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This could be amazing. Graham Linehan, creator of The IT Crowd, is co-creating a sitcom called The Cloud, with Adam Buxton, who was one half of The Adam and Joe Show with Joe Cornish. It takes place on a space station that's archiving all of the junk on your phone and other devices.

Buxton will star in the pilot, alongside Aisling Bea (Trollied) and Jamie Demetriou (Cockroaches). The pilot will be produced and directed by The IT Crowd veteran Richard Boden. The Guardian has a synopsis:

Cloud Station 13 is described as a place set up to protect the vast amounts of information humanity now hoards on its devices – the majority of which comprises selfies, pictures of kittens and a lot of porn.

The disparate group manning the hub are billed by the makers as being far from technical whizzes which is problematic as the technology – including a largely voice-activated ship - is unreliable.


The pilot is being filmed nowish, and Channel 4 will decide whether to order a complete season of the show later this year.

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As well as The IT crowd, Graham Linehan also created a show called Father Ted. Americans will probably never have heard of this show but it's a cult classic in Ireland and England. The man is a comedic genius so i already know this new show will be gold. Cannot wait x