Chucky’s a scary boy.
Image: MGM

Chucky is back. Right? That is Chucky, isn’t it?

Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly gave us our first look at Chucky’s redesign in the upcoming remake of Child’s Play, starring Aubrey Plaza and Gabriel Bateman as a family beleagured by the manic evil of Chucky, the serial killer stuck in the body of an adorable li’l doll. Well, your mileage may vary on the adorable.


Cute or not, he looks a little... different.

Hey there, buddy.
Image: Orion Pictures

For comparison, here’s the original:

The classic Chucky.
Image: MGM

The new one definitely has a bit more of a self-consciously artificial look. And he looks a bit too, well, put together to be the classic Chucky, who even in his pre-rampage state had a bit of a unhinged energy to him. I mean, the new look isn’t bad, it’s just... definitely not the same.

Notably, though, Don Mancini, the original creator of Chucky, had some pretty intense shade for the reveal on Twitter, the place where shade lives and grows.


That bad, huh?


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