The Crazy Science Behind Self/less' Consciousness Transfer

In the new movie Self/Less, Ben Kingsley is dying of cancer, so he gets his mind placed into a younger body—that of Ryan Reynolds. You’ve seen this kind of “re-sleeving” before in novels like Altered Carbon, but is it scientifically possible? Here’s a brand new exclusive featurette that says... maybe.


Self/Less comes out on July 10.

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Well, I hope this doesn’t become a cliched “acceptance of mortality” or “it will only belong to the rich” rant because that’s both boring and a failure of vision.

Imagine a society where something like this becomes commonplace without the cliched hitches they use to avoid the final implications:

  • No one has to be killed to provide new brains and bodies to occupy. (The Island)
  • Everyone had access to this technology like everyone has telephones, it’s not restricted to the rich. (In Time)
  • Religious people don’t throw fits over it.

What would that society be like?

That is the story I’d pay money for.

All the other cautionary tales? I’ve read ‘em. A zillion times over.