The mystery at the heart of V for Vendetta remains iconic, whether you first encountered it in the comics or the 2006 movie: Who is the titular hero? But hereā€™s a crazy theory: What if V was actually a reborn Rorschach from Alan Mooreā€™s other seminal graphic novel, Watchmen?

This theory, espoused by Redditor SumoJoe, isnā€™t exactly the most concrete theory in the world, but itā€™s a fun one to speculate about. What if, instead of exploding Rorschach into itty bitty pieces at the end of Watchmen (after realizing thereā€™s no place for him left in the world), Doctor Manhattan sent Rorschach to a future where his sense of justice could help save people from their corrupt governmentā€”to fight on as a masked vigilante like V?

Itā€™s silly, but admit it: an Alan Moore shared universe would be kinda awesome.