The Crazy Fan Theory That Ties V for Vendetta and Watchmen Together

The mystery at the heart of V for Vendetta remains iconic, whether you first encountered it in the comics or the 2006 movie: Who is the titular hero? But here’s a crazy theory: What if V was actually a reborn Rorschach from Alan Moore’s other seminal graphic novel, Watchmen?


This theory, espoused by Redditor SumoJoe, isn’t exactly the most concrete theory in the world, but it’s a fun one to speculate about. What if, instead of exploding Rorschach into itty bitty pieces at the end of Watchmen (after realizing there’s no place for him left in the world), Doctor Manhattan sent Rorschach to a future where his sense of justice could help save people from their corrupt government—to fight on as a masked vigilante like V?

It’s silly, but admit it: an Alan Moore shared universe would be kinda awesome.

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I Am No One

I’d love to see an investigation on the entomology of the Shared Universe Impulse, where we somehow gradually or suddenly wanted to see shared universes everywhere connecting. I don’t remember the desire to connect universes being so strong say 15 years ago, but now it’s a big thing, and even I find myself liking the theories.