The Craziest Thing That Happens In Battlestar Galactica

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When Starbuck returns in the new season of Battlestar Galactica, there may be more to her than meets the eye. And a new leak suggests that she may do something disturbing later in the season that could point to a bizarre secret. Click through to learn the awful details.


In episode ten of the new Battlestar season, Starbuck finds her own dead body in a crashed ship, sources tell io9. And then Starbuck plants some fake dog tags on the other Starbuck's corpse and lights the whole shebang on fire. This certainly makes it sound as though she's a cylon, but we've already been told that's not true. So there must be some other, zany explanation.

Meanwhile, Aaron Douglas, who plays Chief Tyrol, told a convention that he knows who the final cylon is, but he hasn't seen the scripts for the final 10 episodes of season four (which we probably won't see until 2009.) That makes it sound as though we will learn the final cylon's identity within the first 10 episodes, showing this spring. [Galactica Watercooler]

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