The Couple Who Cosplays Together Stays Together on This Week's Behind the Mask

Last week, we introduced you to Behind the Mask, our video series exploring the lives of people who take cosplay very seriously. The second video is here, and it’s all about Becka Noel and Dhareza Maramis, professional cosplayers who met through cosplay and have been engaged for over four years—because they can’t stop cosplaying.


Seriously. They’re so wrapped up in crafting incredible costumes and attending conventions that they haven’t quite found the time to tie the knot. Fortunately, the delay hasn’t damaged their relationship at all; in fact, it seems like their shared love of cosplay has made their love for each other even stronger.

And if you missed it, here’s the first episode of Behind the Mask, sponsored by Bandai Namco:



Last year my wife and I started doing couple costumes. Our theme is Disney Villians. My wife goes classic and I genderbend them into a male version. I try to stay away from pretty boy versions though.