Twilight and True Blood can just shut the hell up, because this scene from early-80s New Wave vamp flick The Hunger is the sexiest, coolest, blood-soakingest best vamp moment ever.

This is the opening scene of the film, when we're first introduced to the stylish, bloody ways of our heroes.

Directed by Tony Scott, who later went on to direct Top Gun (I know - WTF?), The Hunger is based extremely loosely on a Whitley Strieber novel. Catherine Deneuve plays a hot vampire lady, thousands of years old, whose lover is a delicious-looking David Bowie. They rampage through the city, eating cute club kids, when (uh oh) Bowie suddenly starts aging. Trying to cure him, Deneuve visits a snacky Susan Sarandon, a scientist who studies the link between sleep and aging.

Unfortunately Bowie isn't curable, but Sarandon is so hot that Deneuve realizes she can at least get a hot new vamp girlfriend out of the deal. What will happen when Deneuve makes her move on Sarandon? What's going to happen to Bowie? I don't want to give you too many spoilers, but let's just say there's some smokin' hot vampire girl love, and ankhs are unsheathed more than once.

If you want a dose of underground 80s glitz with vampires, The Hunger should be on your must-rent list this weekend.

The Hunger via IMDB

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