The coolest thing to come out of Twilight so far

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Melissa Rosenberg, who adapted the Twilight books into five movies, is writing and producing a movie of Pamela Sargent's young adult novel Earthseed for Paramount Pictures. Rosenberg also wrote for Dexter, and is writing a Highlander reboot.


Like the hot Hunger Games series, Earthseed is set in a post-apocalyptic future, where a group of teenagers are heading for a new homeworld. The book was published in 1983, but the two sequels weren't published until 2007 and 2010 respectively. Here's the book's official synopsis:

Ship hurtles through space. Deep within its core, it carries the seed of humankind. Launched by the people of a dying Earth over a century ago, its mission is to find a habitable world for the children—fifteen-year-old Zoheret and her shipmates—whom it has created from its genetic banks.

To Zoheret and her shipmates, Ship has been mother, father, and loving teacher, preparing them for their biggest challenge: to survive on their own, on an uninhabited planet, without Ship's protection. Now that day is almost upon them...but are they ready to leave Ship? Ship devises a test. And suddenly, instincts that have been latent for over a hundred years take over. Zoheret watches as friends become strangers—and enemies. Can Zoheret and her companions overcome the biggest obstacle to the survival of the human race—themselves?


This could be a seriously cool film — fingers crossed!

Top image: Earthseed cover art by Dan Dos Santos. [The Wrap]

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