The Coolest Scene From Last Night's Vampire Diaries

Is there anyone who didn't pump his or her fist at this particular "f— yeah" moment on last night's Vampire Diaries? It's two reversals in one: Silas finally meets someone he can't just twist around his little finger, and Jeremy gets to be a total badass for a change. And then Katherine shows up!

Actually, the second eisodes of both The Originals and TVD season five showed a lot of promise, in the "uncanny reversals" department. When you're dealing with unstoppable, unkillable monsters like Klaus and Silas, the danger is that it'll get harder and harder to surprise the audience. But luckily, TVD showed us that Silas can be fought — see above — and also showed us Elena resisting Silas' compulsion to kill Damon, in a scene that was alternately powerful and hilarious. And meanwhile, thank goodness — we didn't have to wait too long to see one of the Originals go toe to toe with Marcel, whose witchfriend Davina turns out to be too powerful for poor Rebekah. These might be even contests after all — and there might be a logical reason why Klaus is sneaking around instead of just slaughtering Marcel's entire vampire gang in one night, like his Christmas Hybrid Massacre.

I should have known — TVD has a long history of slow season openers, after which the action picks up in the second or third episodes. Let's just hope both of these shows manage to keep serving up the startling reversals.

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ARGH why do they do this to me? There was one short moment where i was afraid they had killed Matt. And then i remembered they would never let Matt go like that and noticed the Gilbert ring.

It's nice to see a group of 3 human main characters for once on the show. Even if one is a bit superpowered as a hunter. It felt a bit predominantly vampire until recently. I'm still really thankful for the originals having been moved to their own show and turning Katherine into a human ensures that there's still one human Nina Dobrev without making any step backward.

btw. why can't you take an advanced class as a freshman? If you like it and are good at it, you succeed. If it really was too advanced you fail and give up on it. At least that's how it worked at my university