Pacific Rim had cool end titles, featuring some nifty robot imagery over a song where Rza raps the movie's entire plot. But the credits could have been even more awe-inspiring. Imaginary Forces, which designed the sequence, have shared some concept art for neat-looking end-titles that were rejected.

In an interview with Art of the Title, Creative Director Miguel Lee and Lead Animator Ryan Summers explain the creative process that went into the film's end titles:

Guillermo wanted the end titles to contrast the rest of the film; it made sense to have something a bit more “subdued” after two hours of mayhem and destruction....

[Unused] concepts included taking the 3D models and sketch-rendering them as if they were technical drawings. These were accompanied by line tracings of the schematics we received as well as a graphics toolkit designed by Jae Namkung, our intern. Additionally, we worked with My Tran, an illustrator who hand-crafted looks for a couple other directions; one imagined how Kaiju war propaganda posters would look while the other was an homage to manga.


Check out some of the unused artwork below, and more stuff (including the final end titles) over at Art of the Title.


[via Flicksided]