The conspiracies are spawning more conspiracies on Person of Interest

Last night's Person of Interest was another strong episode, giving us a slightly predictable number of the week — but who doesn't love a good designer drug dealer? — and feeding us some tidbits in the ongoing conspiracies. Plus, there was the reappearance of a favorite good/bad guy from last season! Spoilers ahead.

The Fun Stuff

So the main purpose of this week's number was to establish once again that Reese is getting a little softer. Much is made of his ability to protect the vulnerable daughter of a Brazilian politician who mostly likes to party and shop. She starts out bratty, but Reese's terse, manly sympathy wins her over. Plus, he dangles her crappy boyfriend off a balcony, which would win any lady's heart.

There was a lot of great quippery between Reese and Carter. I loved this scene, where Reese says to Carter, "Wait in the car," and she replies, "Why don't YOU wait in the car?" And of course after he starts throwing bodies out the door, she still has to go in and rescue him. Go, Carter!


Also, we learn that Finch is suffering from pretty bad PTSD after his ordeal with Root. Reese asks him to keep an eye on the number of the week, but when Finch tries to go outside he has a total meltdown. Luckily he has Bear to keep him company, and eventually Reese is able to coax him out for a beer. Actually, there was a lot of Finch love in this episode. Carter practically says she loves him when she talks to him on the phone and says she's glad he's home (damn, now there's a ship I'd like to see set sail). There's even a moment early in the episode when Reese gets all misty-eyed and talks about how great a friend Finch is.

So Finch is getting his paranoia and agoraphobia back, Reese is softening, Bear's tongue is lolling out, Carter is getting cooler, and Fusco is being a good egg as usual. But darkness is creeping in — always.

The Ongoing Conspiracies

The gang is continuing the investigation into what's going on with Root, her murder of the rogue agent Corwin, and who knows what about what. Toward the end of the episode, Carter runs into our old pal Snow — who was previously tracking Reese — in the morgue. What's he doing there? All Carter can get out of him is a snarky comment about how he's been "reassigned."

And I'll just leave this right here for you, because you'll want to ponder all the implications again. Let's unpack, shall we? Agent guy has gotten to Corwin's body and taken out the RFID chip that was in her arm. He's got it in a baggie and is saying "it's bad" to scary voice guy. Does this mean all the agents who know about the Machine are tagged? Is it something else?


Meanwhile, back at the secret underground facility, Snow is meeting with silhouette lady. And she turns out to be, holy shit, Reese's old partner Kara Stanton. Remember last season when Reese was in China with her while Snow was conveniently elsewhere when the agency tried to off them both? Now she's got Snow doing her bidding because she's harnessed him into a cute little undershirt made entirely of explosives. I'm assuming she has to disarm and rearm it every day, which is why he has to keep returning to her and doing what she says. Not sure how he's able to shower and keep himself looking so tidy, but whatever.

So let me get this whole conspiracy straight. Root is just trying to figure out where the Machine is, in between assassinating politicians for people ambiguously connected with intelligence. She killed Corwin, who was another person who appears to have been in on the conspiracy to kill Reese and Stanton in China. Now Stanton is on the warpath, making Snow do her bidding, trying to figure out who ordered the double hit in China. But is she also trying to figure something else out? What's the connection between the Stanton conspiracy and the Machine conspiracy? Where does Root fit into the intelligence community? We know she's done some political assassinations, but what else? And what was that freakin RFID?


One of the things I love about this show is that it can keep a lot of conspiracies in the air, and then they all land gracefully in order. Person of Interest won't drop the ball. We're about to find out some seriously crazy shit.

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