This version of the Iron Throne is dark and looming and unsettlingly ominous — and it's exactly the way George R.R. Martin wanted it to look.

When Martin posted this picture by Marc Simonetti of the Iron Throne last year and pointed to it as the image that most closely captured his own vision of it, there was a flurry of interest on Simonetti's deviantART page. Today, deviantART CEO Angelo Sotira joined us for a Q&A — and told us a bit about just how the fan art and its originator met:


Are there any artists/fan communities on DeviantArt that you feel have really created worlds in themselves by going above and beyond the source material? And have you had any comments from the originators (JK Rowling, George RR Martin, etc.) directly commenting on their work's presence on DeviantArt

Angelo Sotira

This happens all day, every day. DeviantArt is literally where the undercurrent of creativity meets the future of popular culture.

George R R Martin seems to be an intense LiveJournal and deviantART user. I'm such a GOT fan, (who isn't?) and I was giddy when Mr. R R Martin posted that a piece on deviantART better depicted what he envisions the Iron Throne to look like. I wrote a journal about it.

Hardcore geek spasm when I saw that!!!

Meanwhile, check out DepthRadius. This stuff happens so often, we hired an editorial team to feature the successes of our members back on our members. Because we believe that these success stories pave a pathway for artists to follow. They gain insights into how the life of an artist is at various stages, and how various artists have found success.


Image: Marc Simonetti

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