Graphic designer Juan David Martinez has captured our planet's entire 4.6-billion year history in this rather clever wheel-like chart.

Martinez does a good job packing over a dozen different epochs into the infographic, but it doesn't take the scale of time into account. Unlike Carl Sagan's Cosmic Calendar, Martinez's chart divides each geological era into equal chunks. Had he scaled it correctly, however, it would have been unreadable; the entire Cenozoic Era would have been the tiniest sliver at top.


(Image via Juan David Martinez/Business Insider)

That said, he did provide a Phanerozoic timeline at the bottom which breaks each era down into 5 million year chunks starting at the Cambrian Era. Very cooly, he also added nine images along the side to show the relative position of the Earth's continents as they correspond to each era.

[ Via Business Insider via The Blaze ]

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