The Comics From Kate Beaton's Children's Book Tour Are as Adorable as You'd Expect

Illustration for article titled The Comics From Kate Beatons Childrens Book Tour Are as Adorable as Youd Expect

Kate Beaton is currently on tour for her latest book, King Baby, a tour that is taking her to a lot of schools and putting her in contact with many hilarious children. Fortunately for us, she has been documenting her book tour encounters in comic form.


King Baby is out in stores, ready to get his royal juices all over his adoring subjects. While you’re waiting for your copy, take a gander at what Beaton has been experiencing on her book tour:


[Kate Beaton’s Tumblr]

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I’ve been a fan of Kate Beaton for such a long time. The diary comics on her Twitter about her parents are great.

Hark! A Vagrant! Is still one of my favorite webcomics