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The Collectible Glasses That Haunted Our Childhoods

Illustration for article titled The Collectible Glasses That Haunted Our Childhoods

2009 will be remembered for one reason only: as the year that Burger King-themed "Kingons" attacked people's nipples to steal their Star Trek glasses. But those Trek glasses are puny, compared to the fast-food chain collectibles of yesteryear.


These Empire Strikes Backglasses are via Ultimate Coupons. These actually look quite nice, and the Darth Vader/Boba Fett one is sort of epic and widescreen.


For decades, fast-food chains have been putting out collectible glasses (which usually break at the slightest provocation) tying in with generations of Star Trek, Star Wars and other great series. Here are some of our favorites, which you'll be lucky to find on ebay nowadays.

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I just broke a Lord Krug Star Trek 3 glass the other day when my hand slipped and I hit it with a knife. Way to rub it in.

There really is nothing like a good collectible glass and puny or not I've got the whole collection from the last film because A: they're glass not crummy plastic and B: it's the closest I'll come to licking Zoe Saldana.