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The Co-Director of Brave Is Making an Alice in Wonderland/Peter Pan Prequel

Illustration for article titled The Co-Director of iBrave/i Is Making an iAlice in Wonderland/Peter Pan/i Prequel

No one ever thinks of Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan as sharing the same world. But, they’re fantasy stories. What if they did? That’s the first kernel of Come Away, a new live-action movie that’ll be directed by Brenda Chapman.


Chapman was the co-director of Pixar’s Brave before leaving the company. She’s since been on fan wish lists to helm several different movies, but no one saw this coming. Deadline reports she’ll make the fantasy drama Come Away her live-action directing debut from a script by Marissa Kate Goodhill.

How does it link Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan? Well, the story is a prequel set before both those stories. In Come Away, before heading to Wonderland and Neverland, Alice and Peter are siblings. Their elder brother dies tragically and the young kids have to try and save their parents from sliding into depression.


“I had never really considered directing live action. Animation has always been my genre,” Chapman told Deadline. “But when I read Marissa’s fantastical script, I felt that little tingly feeling run up my spine. I thought, ‘Wow! I’ve changed my mind. I want to do this!’”


Entertainment Reporter for io9/Gizmodo

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This seems like the start of a bad trend. What if Peter Pan, Alice, Mad Max, and the Golden Girls shared the same world?