The Co-Creator of iZombie Is So Sure It's Going to Be Renewed That He Changed the Finale

Image: iZombie (CW)W
Image: iZombie (CW)W

We’re barely halfway into season three of CW’s delightful iZombie, but executive producer Rob Thomas is pretty convinced the show will be back next year.


Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Thomas admitted that a major reveal had been cut from the season finale so that it could be moved to the start of season four. Thomas is “confident” that the show will be renewed, which is is interesting since we usually hear of showrunners for bubble-type shows saying either that they’ve prepped a season that works as a whole, or that they’ve made a finale that works as both a series and a season finale.

We do have a pretty good sense that we’re not going to get anywhere closer to a zombie cure this season. “If there is ever a cure where things go well, it seems like the show will be over,” Thomas said. Curing Liv, in particular, won’t come until the show is “ready to do our final episode.”

That said, Thomas did note that the finale of season three is a “pretty major reset.” He can’t talk about it even in general terms because it might give away the end of season three—which kind of sounds like there’s a bit of a cliffhanger coming.

No matter what, it sounds like we’re going to be pretty dissatisfied if the show isn’t renewed.

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