When Dr. Leekie comes to town, things are not looking so good for our clones. The cops are closing in on their secret, and Alison has set her life to self-destruct. So Sarah and Alison wonder: What would happen if they came out of the clone closet? Spoilers ahead.

Well, now Art and Angie know that something really weird is going on. Katja's fingerprints have flagged Sarah's police record, with a photo that looks suspiciously like Beth Childs. (And yes, Orphan Black has acknowledged that the clones' fingerprints aren't identical, only similar.) So they decide to check out this Sarah Manning character and find Mrs. S, whose name, we learn, is Siobhan Saddler. Mrs. S is used to cops and does a fine job playing dumb, even acting slightly annoyed that it's taken them two weeks to notify her of Sarah's "death."


Of course, things only get weirder when the cops realize that a woman supposedly named Sarah Manning jumped in front of a train a few days before their dead quarry woman turned up. Suspecting Beth had an identical twin is one thing, but identical triplets? That's a bit far-fetched.

They show up at Felix's studio (and now we know why his hooking up the coroner was significant; so he could give Felix a heads up), but Felix also plays dumb. The problem is, Felix isn't literally dumb, and Art recognizes his voice. A quick phone call confirms that Felix was the person who called Art about Beth Childs last episode. Oh, Felix, you should really label the numbers that are part of your web of lies.


Alison, meanwhile, is having more mundane problems, at least at first. She and Donnie are splitting (and Felix accurately predicts that this decision will cause Alison, a "Normal" to go mad, forget the way to the mall, and end up downtown looking for trouble), and she's pretty sure that nosy Aynesley is her monitor. Alison's Bad Idea Bears come out to play when she ends up smoking pot with Aynesley's terrible husband, Chad, and having sex with him in his minivan in an ice rink parking lot, where all of the mothers in their neighborhood can see them. It all ends with a screeching Aynesley hopping in front of Alison's car and the two of them having a hair-pulling wrestling match while Meredith Brooks' "Bitch" plays in the background.

It's a predictably suburban downward spiral, but for Alison (who can't even bring herself to say "Fuck it!" later in the episode, instead drunkenly sobbing "Eff it!") it's devastating. Her life doesn't feel real anymore, and so she's inclined to do the stupidest things she can think of, which only further break apart her once neat and tidy world. It's not hard to see why she envies Sarah's strength.


In the wake of Helena's attack on Olivier, Dr. Leekie visits Sarah's city to learn more about the renegade clone and the woman who isn't Beth Childs. At the hospital, Paul blackmails a face-down bedridden Olivier into telling Leekie that there was only one clone at the nightclub, and Olivier complies, wailing, "Aldous, she took my tail." Leekie replies, "Shut up, Olivier." Nobody cares about your tail.

We also learn that Olivier's real name is the much more pedestrian Kevin, implying an interesting difference in how Leekie and Olivier approach the Neolutionist philosophy. When Leekie talks about Neolution, he talks about seeing different spectra of light, neurolingual chips, the potential bounty of human enhancement. For Olivier, though, Neolutionism seems less about human progress than self-reinvention. He's not Kevin from small-town Washington State; he's Olivier, the nightclub owner with girls who ooh and ahh over his tail. Or maybe both men are looking to be the best versions of themselves and Olivier just aims a lot lower.


Leekie does act impressed with Paul, however. Paul has just jumped the ladder in the experimenters' organization, which may mean more information, but also means more danger.

That danger is clear when a white coat comes into Olivier's room and injects him with some kind of toxin. Olivier dies with his tailless bum in the air, hanging out of a hospital gown.


And Leekie has left behind a spy, of course. Delphine returns to Cosima, and this time she makes the movies on our grad student clone. It does seem that Delphine has genuine, if conflicted, feelings for Cosima. She cries after they have sex, apparently out of guilt. When Cosima runs out for Eskimo Pies, however, Delphine doesn't hesitate to snoop through Cosima's things, calling Leekie as soon as she finds Cosima's secret clone file. She reads off the names of the clones Cosima has listed and Leekie verbally ticks them off until she reaches Sarah Manning. That clone he's not familiar with. Delphine does hold back one piece of information, however: that Sarah has a daughter.

Oh, Kira. Don't worry, we'll get to Kira.

Sarah and Alison eventually find themselves in the car with nowhere to go. They can't go back to Beth's apartment. Everything is horrible at Alison's house. The cops are at Felix's studio. Suddenly, Sarah wonders, what if they weren't running from everyone? What if they revealed themselves?


They start by opening up to Mrs. S. Alison got pretty nicely trashed after her fight with Aynesley, but Mrs. S is delighted to hear all about Alison's life, seeing her as the Sarah not traveled. But Alison quickly dissolves into tears, and Mrs. S leads her to the guest bedroom. "You're very lucky, Sarah," Alison tells her. "My mom wouldn't be this lovely. My mother would have me put in therapy."

Mrs. S and Sarah put their heads together as they look over the records of Sarah's childhood. Sarah confirms that the other clones were conceived through in vitro, and Mrs. S tells her that some of the kids Carlton brought to her safe house were the subjects of medical experiments. Perhaps Sarah was never meant to be raised in a family? Is the Dyad Institute performing other types of medical tests on children? And I don't know if this has any significance, but during this scene I was struck by the resemblance between Sarah and Mrs. S. They look like they could be biological mother and daughter.


While they're talking, Helena comes to the door, peeking at Kira through the window. She convinces Kira to open the door and stages what would be the world's most adorable kidnapping if it didn't end so badly. Kira happily goes off with Helena, telling her "You're just like my mom." Note, she didn't say that when she met Alison, and Kira seems to have some special insight when it comes to the clones. She sees right past Helena's scary crazy to the sad, damaged person inside. "What happened to you?" she asks. She gives Helena a warm hug before Helena lets her go.

But once Kira spots her mother, who is desperately searching for her, she leaps into the street without looking and is hit by an oncoming car. Even in a world of clones and crazed assassins, something as ordinary as a car can trigger the most horrifying moment of the series.