The Clone Wars' final season may finally tie all the prequels together!

The first real trailer for Star Wars: Clone Wars — The Lost Missions has arrived, and holy womprats does it look amazing. So amazing, in fact, I think maybe we should throw out all the prequels and let this be the only pre-New Hope material.


Look at all the stuff from the prequels it's meshing together, either introducing them early so they actually make sense in the movies, or bringing back in order to tie up loose ends! The existence of Force ghosts! Qui-Gon's mission to train Anakin! Dagobah! A much better set-up for the clone army's betrayal and Order 66, so it no longer comes completely out of nowhere! Plus new stuff like the home planet of the Sith! And there's also plenty of awesome action too, obviously.

If nothing else, this trailer reminds me that while Clone Wars started out pretty rough — especially if you were misfortunate enough to have watched the movie — it built into some really special. Rebels may look poor in comparison now, but there's no reason to suspect that Dave Filoni and his crew can't do it again.

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I've never actually watched much of The Clone Wars yet, but I see it as a sign that Star Wars now works best when left in the hands of fans who love it and grew up with the original episodes. From what I hear, The Clone Wars is the best thing to come out of the prequel trilogies, to the point it does the franchise more justice than those three movies.

I'll always be grateful to George Lucas for bringing us Star Wars and creating such a strong vision, but I see it as a good thing that he stepped back a bit. Glad he's still involved, but gladder that the people who love it and see it as something more get to write it.