​The Circus Is Confusing And Upsetting On Grimm, Just Like In Real Life

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Oh, boy! A circus episode. I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for Grimm to do one of these, because I never have, and thus it's an imaginary number. At least the episode was more baffling than disturbing… I guess?


The whole premise is that there's a circus which uses Wesen as its attractions. My first thought is that since the Council's main rule is to not reveal the existence of Wesen to humans, how could this be allowed? Apparently since everybody's pretending it's magic it's somehow okay to turn into a werewolf in front of a crowd of a hundred people.

The problem is that forcing Wesen to woge repeatedly at will makes them crazy and violent like a Blutbad played by Sam Witwer, immediately choosing to be a de facto werewolf after a stint as a vampire in Being Human. During a woge out, Sam apparently kills the two most awful, moronic girls in Portland, bringing Nick on the case. Nick and Hank find the circus tickets, know that circus are inherently places of deceit, violence and evil, and check it out. They see the woge-act, which incidentally ends with the ringmaster appearing to shoot and kill Sam Witwer while he's in his Blutbad form. Is this not a little fucked up? I understand Witwer is supposed to be a dangerous monster here, and most people would immediately assume it's all an act, but imagine if there was a circus that pretend to shoot and kill an elephant during every show. Don't you think that would attract some negative attention?


Now, I'm highly suspicious that all of a sudden woge-ing a lot turns Wesen into "beasts," because that seems like the sort of thing that should have come up previously. I'm even more skeptical of how the circus operates — the ringmaster Hedig basically has a group of Wesen who are willing to slowly turn into violent lunatics for the love of the circus, which seems insane to me Witwer kind of mentions not having anywhere else to turn, but paycheck aside, I would think any place where his job does not require him to lose his mind would be an improvement.

While Nick and Hank slowly research and discover a lot of murders happen around this circus — duh, it's a circus — Monroe and Rosalee go investigate it. The circus' resident Fuchsbau has been hurt in one of Witwer's drunken Blutbad rampages, so the ringmaster holds auditions to replace her, and of course he assumes Rosalee is there for the job, and she gets it. Question: How does one advertise a job opening for a Wesen at a circus? Also, the Fuchsbau lady's whole act was literally standing there and turning into Wesen mode. What the fuck did anyone need to audition for?

Eventually, Nick and Hank realize the murders started before Sam Witwer joined the circus, so the culprit is Hedig, who is of course a Blutbad too — not a crazy one, I don't think, just an asshole. Well, I take that back: Apparently he kills people who may endanger the circus by revealing the Wesen-ness of it, like the two girls Witwer was with at the beginning. But 1) why did Hedig let obviously crazy Witwer go out in the first place? 2) Why follow all these people in the off chance they might woge in front of somebody? 3) Doesn't murdering people call its own sort of attention to the circus? And 4) if Hedig is so worried about people seeing his troupe woge out, why the fuck is he running a business based on woging out in front of people?

But my biggest question is why Hedig announces he's the murderer to all his Wesen subordinaties, including Witwer, and including Rosalee, the girl he hired less than an hour previously. Shockingly, Witwer goes berserk, chases Hedig into a funhouse because of course he does, and then the other Wesen kill him because… one of a million reasons, I guess. He's a murderer, he's driving them insane, he framed Witwer, he's an asshole… the list goes on.


It's all just a mess, but it does prove that old adage: Never, ever, ever have anything to do with a circus. The next episode of Grimm airs on April 4th, and stars Nick's mom and finally brings Adalind back to Portland, so that's good news.

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Assorted Musings:

• Sorry for missing last weeks, folks, I was traveling. All you need to know is that Juliette gave Wu a pep talk and he got better, and somehow a mummified Wesen in an Egyptian tomb was found in Portland, and despite the fact that this seems like it would be priority #1 for keeping Wesen out of the public eye, everyone was really low-key about it and instead focused on the dude who killed a guard while trying to maintain the secret of the entire Wesen race. It was weird.


• No, I have no idea why the ringmaster has steampunk goggles on his hat either.

• Seriously, I can't stress how awful those two girls at the beginning were. They see drunk Sam Witwer, offer to buy him a drink, then take him back to their apartment and literally slap him and scream at him until he woges. They even tell him "We don't bite… unless you want us to." To make the scene more incomprehensibly awful, "Werewolves of London" is playing in the background. Frankly, they deserved worse than they got.


• Monroe asks Nick to be the best man at his wedding. Nick later worries that he'll cause a bloodbath at said wedding. This has no bearing on anything else.

• Adalind and baby have spent the last two episodes escaping, after Renard's man in Austria, Sebastian, is discovered and tortured. Later, Sebastian needlessly sacrifices his own life to mildly inconvenience Viktor when he could have driven away with Adalind.


• The first time Sam Witwer gets really upset is when his girlfriend breaks his bottle of booze. Alcoholic Werewolf Lunatic sounds like a great name for a book or a band.

• One last question for you: Why do the freed circus Wesen drive away with Sam Witwer visibly locked in a cage on the back of their flatbed truck? Do they not think that someone might not notice they have imprisoned a man in full view of everybody? Ugh.


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I liked this episode. But I am still mad about Wu. Assholes.

The control/animal thing came up a lot in the first season which I guess you still haven't watched. Its why Monroe is a vegan. Its not as outlandish as it seems, even if it hasn't been addressed recently. I mean, there are reasons Grimms generally indiscriminately slaughter wesen. They aren't all good guys.

I am glad Sebastian is dead. That guy was never going to make it because he was clearly not cut out for spycraft, and I am surprised it took this long.

Besides Wu, the second biggest crime this season is their completely half assed use of Alexis Denisof. He could be a great scheming bad guy with lots of evil plans and they've hardly used him at all. Lame.