Lost Girl indulged in some world building this week, rearranging the characters and setting up some fun light-versus-dark conflict. We got plenty of Vex, and a high-stakes fae dance-off.

The plot picks up just as Bo learns from the Una Mens that she involuntarily "chose" the dark side. Bo talks like a Mafia don ("This is my town,") and comes up with the best description of the Una Mens I can imagine: the circle jerk of doom. But when they threaten Lauren and Kenzi, Bo learns her powers turn against her when she tries to use them against the soulless Unas.

Since Bo is a little worn out, she recovers with a quick bathroom threeway in the Morrigan's waiting room, where you can take a number but the only number is 69. Seems like a good way to "recharge the double-Ds." It's a surprise when they find out Evony is back as Morrigan, brassy beaver and all. Evony sells Bo some story about finding proof that she isn't really dark fae before the full moon, which is that night. To find Vex she has to attend a dark party.

Meanwhile, Trick is summoned before the Una Mens. Did we know that Trick's full name is Fitzpatrick? There was some ham-handed exposition here ("Let's all explain things we already know to each other!"), but it was important exposition that made the Unas a bit more interesting.

It seems they're fae who ate magic seeds so they could become impartial arbiters of fae justice in the wake of a big civil war. The seeds give them major power, but also strip them of all ego and personality. They're basically the Alpha Lanterns. The interesting complication is that the Blood King was supposed to be one of them, and with the group completed they would be all-powerful. Seems Mr. Blood King hoodwinked them and hid his seed. The Una Mens don't seem to know that Trick is the Blood King. Then they make him acting Ash, adding another layer of complication.


At the dark fae party, Lauren is reunited with Bo – apparently it was Evony that kidnapped and tested Lauren last week. I wonder what happened to Crystal the waitress. Bo and Lauren are super hot for each other, and Lauren does look pretty damn good in that dress. Even though it wasn't a very explicit scene, when they made out and Bo was taking off Lauren's dress, sparks were flying. We learn that Evony is a voyeur looking for something a little more graphic than open-mouth kisses ("Scissor already!").

The best part of the party, for several reasons, is the return of Bruce. Bruce! He's working as a human sushi plate even though he's been sending fake postcards to Kenzi all along. To free Bruce from his servitude, another fae must master him. Tamsin, who is still naïve, steps up to "master all over him." ("Up yours ya big dongface.") This requires a battle to the death against Bruce's current master, and Tamsin chooses a dance contest. Problem is, Tamsin dances…uh, poorly.



Her competitor has wicked break dancing moves, so Tamsin kills her with Valkface. This seems to contravene the rules of a dance-off, but then I'm not sure how a dance contest gets fought to the death anyway, and it's a dark fae party so it seems legit. They bring Bruce home, and Kenzi appears to suggest he run free. I'm really hoping Bruce sticks around and becomes part of the Scooby Gang. I love that guy. Turns out that dark fae parties are really dark though – it was actually someone's wedding reception, and the fae murdered them to use their stuff.


Evony isn't really a fan of the Una Mens either, but she somehow needs Vex to defeat/placate them. She sends Bo and Lauren to find him with Pietra, a fae scavenger who is annoying and cloying. Bo finds Vex in a warehouse nursing some kind of weird hand problem. She gets injected by the power-suppressing stuff Lauren whipped up (that's some old –school Lost Girl right there, relying on Lauren's scientifimagic plot devices), putting her into a haze while Vex mixes up a potion so he can lop off his own hand.

We get some good backstory on Vex here – turns out mesmers are feared and hated by fae because their powers are seriously freaking scary. So they hunt them and chop off their hands, making them unable to feed. After watching his whole family get murdered like this, Vex is the Loneliest Mesmer. Bo tries to induct him officially into the Scooby Gang but he chops off his hand anyway. Not really sure what was going on there, but Bo saved the hand on ice, so we can assume Vex will be made whole again at some point. And hopefully spend more time hanging out with the gang – he's much more fun to have around than Dyson.

This episode was doing a lot of arranging pieces for future awesomeness, although it didn't feel as disjointed as those types of episodes often do. We did get a big moment from Lauren, choosing to stay with the dark fae because they actually went looking for her. If this forebodes Lauren continuing to transform into more of a badass, I'm all for it.


There was some muddled stuff with Trick and Bo trying to sort out who sponsored her mysterious contract to turn dark. Someone named Rainer who can be found in the King's Book of Records, which the Una Mens stole. Then we get the classic, "Oh no not him!" Well you can't have Lost Girl without a helping of cheese.