The Chucky TV Show Is Lining Up Victims Young and Old

The cast of the Chucky TV show is coming together.
The cast of the Chucky TV show is coming together.
Photo: Syfy

The Good Guy doll who is anything but is coming to TV and we now know who he’s gonna sharing the screen with. Devon Sawa, star of Idle Hands and Final Destination, returns to his horror roots for the USA/Syfy series, led by franchise creator Don Mancini. Jennifer Tilly will, indeed, reprise her role as Tiffany Valentine, and four newcomers have been cast as the leads.


They are Zackary Arthur as Jake, a young loner whose mother recently died; Teo Brionesas as Junior, Jake’s outgoing jock cousin; Alyvia Alyn Lind as Lexy, Junior’s mean girl girlfriend who bullies Jake; and Björgvin Arnarson as Devon, a true crime fan who helps weave everything together. Collider first broke the news.

As for where Chucky (who’ll again be voiced by Brad Dourif) himself fits in, the show takes place in present day when a town spirals into chaos after someone buys an old Chucky doll at a garage sale. Simultaneously, we’ll learn more about Chucky’s past—which means the murderer whose soul is inside Chucky, Charles Lee Ray, plays a role in the series.

There’s no word on who Sawa is playing.

A teaser for the show was released back in July with an eye on release later this year.

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I’m excited for this. Which is saying something, because I used to be straight up terrfied of Chucky. I blame the posters. They always made Chucky look way scarier than in the movie proper.

Though, seeing as Fiona Dourif is not in the cast, I'm guessing this is not a continuation of Mancini's last two Chucky films?