The Christian horror movie Harmless features a possessed box of porn. No, really.

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Better be careful with that giant box of porn in your closet — because according to the Christian found footage horror flick Harmless, porn releases the long-haired masturbation demons that will destroy your family. Better call the Christian Ghostbusters!


Here's the synopsis:

Harmless is a feature film shot in the popular found footage style. It's the story about a husband and father and his battle with a box of porn that is found in the closet. Once opened, the box of porn begins to torment the family, much like a poltergeist. It's sort of a social commentary on how pornography can destroy a family.


[Harmless via Movieline]

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This will pair nicely with my film - 'Sanctimonious' It's about a bible that releases a creature. The creature then goes on a rampage loosely based on it's interpretation of the parts of the bible it likes, imposing it's misguided ideals and falible moral alinement upon a unsuspecting public - while attacking 'sinners' while completely ignoring / hiding the sins it commits.

To the left is a mockup of the titular villan.