The Childhood's End Miniseries Has Given Us Some Utterly Superb Spaceship Art

Syfy’s ambitious miniseries based on Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End served up some beautiful spaceship visuals. Including the alien mothership, which looks striking and angelic. Concept artist Ben Mauro shared with us some of his beautiful Childhood’s End spaceship designs.

First off, Mauro went through an “early design exploration” phase, which was “quick, dirty and experimental to explore a range of ideas before things get locked down and refined”:


The producers of the show wanted more of a “wing” shape so Mauro focused on that:

And here’s an animated gif showing the final render for the mothership:


And more looks at the final version as Mauro tweaked it and refined it:


Check out more of Mauro’s work over at his website, Art of Ben.

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