The Chief himself, Aaron Douglas from Battlestar Galactica, took time at NYCC to talk about his new project Emissary and fill us in on his opinions about Gaeta's latest dickiness, along with final-Cylon impressions. Spoilers!

Aaron explains everything, but we dare you to stop staring at his t-shirt for long enough to start listening.

Aaron On The Emissary: "I think it's fascinating. I think it's great. It's so close to real that it's almost plausible... it's so fun to go to a movie or see a TV show and there's just that hint of supernatural aspect to it, but there's so much reality."


Aaron on Tyrol's journey: "The thing I didn't like about making him a Cylon is that you're marginalizing him. You take a character that the fans really like, [who's] such a likeable guy. [But on the other hand, once you know the Chief is a Cylon], suddenly everything makes sense. And he just suddenly has that moment of, "Oh, I get it." Some people really don't like it, but it's a weird thing. I don't think the Cylons are completely evil, or the humans are completely good."

On accepting Ellen as the final Cylon: "I really didn't like the fact that Ellen was the fifth one, when I read it. I thought, "Oh, come on."... But when the mythology unfolded and Ron told us the whole story and explained why — what you guys will see at the end, the explanation of who the final five are and what they mean — I really liked that. I think it's really great. Ellen and Tigh are like mom and dad to the rest of us."

Why not Cally? "I think that's just too obvious. I think the only couple that would work is Tigh and Ellen."


On Hot Dog being the daddy: "Cally was putting her cabbage breath on his hotdog... I liked that. I thought it was great. I thought it was hilarious."

On Gaeta becoming our new love-to-hate character: "It came out of nowhwere. I mean the most mild-mannered nice guy, and then he just snaps. I think it's great. "

BSG's ending: "The ending's perfect. You'll cry your eyes out."