The Charging Dock Was Ancient, But Miraculously, It Still Worked

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There couldn't have been an Archian visitor to this planet in the last five hundred years. Even the once-glittering cities had become shadows of their former glory. But Harmok said a quick prayer of thanks to the Council for Temporal Interoperability when he plugged his ship in and heard the charger hum.


This is "Another Concept" by artist Adam Grania. You can see more of his work on deviantART, Behance, and CG Society.

[via r/SpecArt]

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[I know this is not the concept art writing prompt but I'm gonna write something anyway]

It was a Bussard intake, a ruin from the Fifth Wave. It was built to take the erosion of interstellar dust and induced radiation flux at a high fraction of the speed of light. Falling through Stafford's atmosphere was nothing to it. The impact dug a trench more than 800 kilometers long, melted gigatonnes of rock and diverted three rivers. Nothing would grow on it. It was also pretty radioactive, even after sitting outside the slums of White Bear One for more than 75 years.

On a world formed around a population II star, as Stafford was, it was worth a fortune. If only for the rare earths alone. But Stafford was a squatter's world. We were an an illegal colony of 70 million people the didn't start with a hull metal fab or a zap router to download plans from. The developed worlds of the Union didn't care about us.

So we spent 75 years quietly importing the resources and expertise needed to break and recycle the scoop. And now I stood watching from a nearby hill as huge dirigibles brought in the strippers and autofacs to finally do away with that eyesore of hull metal.