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The CG Captain Harlock movie still looks completely badass, if you were wondering

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A second trailer for Toei's phenomenal-looking Space Pirate Captain Harlock movie has arrived, and man, I cannot wait until this movie arrives in Japanese theaters this fall so someone can license the damn thing and bring it to America. Hey, if loving a spaceship with a giant skull on the front ramming into another spaceship is wrong, I don't wanna be right.


[Via ToysREvil]

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I generally don't like anime/manga/Japanese-style CGI films - I feel they're too different in a cultural sense for me to fully enjoy them... I don't necessarily find them weird or anything, I just often can't connect to the characters because of too much cultural differences.
Having said that, this Captain Harlock movie (never heard of it before) looks fucking boss. I always love swordfighting in space so yeah, I'm in!