The center of the Milky Way revealed in its full glory across the entire spectrum

This amazing image of the center of our galaxy is the work of three different space telescopes - Hubble, which photographs objects in the visual wavelengths, Chandra, which looks at X-rays, and Spitzer, which investigates the infrared.

Along with the Fermi space telescope, which is in charge of gamma ray, these three space telescopes allow us to investage every corner of the sky in breathtaking detail. Astrophysicist Giovanni Fazio offers a succinct explanation of the purpose of these telescopes:

"The object was to have a major telescope in each part of the electromagnetic spectrum. When you look at the universe in different wavelengths, you get a completely different picture. They are all pieces of a puzzle."


Images like this are created by compiling the different views the various satellites have to offer, and then assigning colors to each of the wavelengths the telescopes detect. This view of the heart of our galaxy is just one of the most dramatic images these telescopes have combined to create, but there many others - the Smithsonian website has an awesome gallery of them here, along with a great article explaining how they all work together to uncover the secrets of the universe.

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