This is the 1980s toe-tapper "Cathy Don't Go" (lyrics and en Español), an earworm New Wave number that almost certainly ripped off Survivor's "Jackie Don't Go." Unlike Survivor's ditty, "Cathy Don't Go" was written by the evangelical doomsday cult The Family International about how the Antichrist is controlling us through barcodes. The music video will make your head explode. Here's a sample verse:

They had a special program on the TV last night
Explaining calmly why these things must be done right,
They say their new computer is the way to control,
But what they didn't say is that it costs your soul!

This wasn't the only millenarian power pop single The Family International penned during their heyday. Behold the slamming guitar riffs of "The Antichrist Shall Come." You probably shouldn't be high when you watch this.

And this is "Watch Out For The Green Door," which is a bluesy number featuring a journey through a THX 1138-looking underworld, where a pasty Satan chases you from hallway to hallway.

Finally, here's "S.O.S." It's a Spanish-language number about the global internationalist computer conspiracy...and dancing!


If TFI's New Wave hits haven't driven you mad by now, here's some more deranged cult pop:

- The Aum Shinrikyo death cult's workout music.
- "Victory Day," a song by Aryan supremacist child pop duo Prussian Blue, who were affiliated with the white-rights Creativity religion.
- The anti-rock-music chanting of the Church Universal and Triumphant, a doomsday cult who really had it out for Fleetwood Mac and Diana Ross.
- The Beach Boys' "Never Learn Not To Love," a reworking of a Charles Manson song.


[Via Metafilter]

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