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The Cast Reading the New Middleman Graphic Novel Is the Best Thing

THE BEST THING. NO THINGS ARE BETTER. The much-beloved Middleman only lasted on TV for 12 episodes, but it's still beloved by many a fan. And after a successful crowdfunding campaign , the original cast has reunited to read the script of the new graphic novel. So get out your milk flasks and your cruelty-free vegan candy, and tuck in.


The Middleman was removed from our TV screens much too soon, so these read-throughs are the closest we get to more episodes. And if you want to know what the story actually looks like, you can still buy the Pan-Universal Parental Reconciliation in its graphic novel form. The story brings together both the original comic form of these characters and their TV counterparts and comes directly from creator Javier Grillo-Marxuach and artist Les McClaine. Go, enjoy it now.

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Unlike, say, 'The Tick' (disclaimer: just my opinion, Tick fans) this is a series that was ahead of it's time and really needs to be given a second chance on a network that not only understands the demographic but can appreciate the creative material. It was smart, genuinely funny with geek satire and genuine dramatic pathos and character development when called for. Pity the crowdfunding campaign was just for the graphic novel and not a web series.