The cast of Syfy's Being Human promises the season finale will break you

A vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost let from Being Human gave us some hints about the season finale of the US series. How will the season ender leave things on the supernatural soap, and which creature will suffer most?


Spoilers ahead...

We nabbed the cast of Being Human at the Syfy Upfront. Again, we apologize about the quality of the sound, things were very loud on that carpet! So we've transcribed the collection of interviews below!


Sam Witwer and Sam Huntington (Vampire Aidan and Werewolf Josh)

The chemistry really did change over the last few episode, the three of you seem to have gelled together.

Sam Witwer: They actually did tell us to tone back the chemistry in the beginning. Our timing was a little bit too sharp, and they were like, "Yeah, but we're showing you guys meet each other. We're showing you guys meet Meaghan we're showing you getting an apartment together. And you guys don't know each other that well yet."

Sam Huntington: We don't know how to talk to each other yet.

Witwer: One of the reasons we wanted to do that, I think unconsciously, is that I'd seen the first episode of the British series, and it just sort of starts out and they're all bantering. And I think, oh so we should do that. And they [directors] said no, no not yet. And by around episode 6 they're like, just do whatever you want!


You'll see by the end of the season that one of the themes is quite literally, "Are these people better off apart or together?" Because by the end of it, you realize that all of these different problems that we have we actually all become one thing that we all have to deal with, as a unit or not at all.

Huntington: Spoiler alert: it doesn't work we end up all moving out. I don't what they're going to do in [the next] season.


There was a statement in the last episode where Sally said that Josh has it the worst (being the werewolf), but I really think the ghost character has it the worst. Which of them has the worst lot on the show?

Huntington: Meaghan [the ghost]

Witwer: [The ghost has it the worst] because she feels absolutely helpless. She can't connect with anyone. She can't live any kind of real life, she's sort of a shut-in.


Huntington: Let's just boil it down. Physically, she can't enjoy a cheeseburger. She can't have sex — or maybe she can actually, I don't know. If she does it's like weird molecular clouds mixing together it's not real. I mean, let's face it. No, but seriously all of the things that make you alive even emotionally and physically the things that make you alive- she can't smell!

Witwer: None of those things, and what's wonderful about it, by the end of the season, if we didn't have her, everyone dies basically. She becomes pivotal.


What's it like being the only show on Syfy that isn't set in space or filled with gadgets?

Witwer: It's one of the things I love most about the show. If you take out the words vampire, werewolf or ghost, it still works. We spend most of our time in our apartment, dealing with each other or dealing with other people trying to relate...


Huntington: Real human issues. It's really true. Obviously each on our afflictions is a metaphor for what's going on with us. So despite our supernatural afflictions it's just a very human show.

Witwer: Hopefully people will relate to it on a completely realistic level.

How are fans going to feel at the end of this series?

Witwer: Beat up.

Huntington: I think that's a very fair thing to say.

Witwer: Things get worse every episode in a big way.

Huntington: But the cool thing is super psyched to come back to the next season.

Witwer: I think so, yeah.

Huntington: Like beat up, but in the best way you can get beat up.

Sarah Allen (Rebecca the Vampire)

How does it make you feel knowing there's a vampire snuff film of you wandering around out there?


Allen: Well I think they cut all of the really dirty stuff out of it.

Will they let you keep the DVD maybe to take home?

Allen: That's a good question actually. You make a very good point. i haven't thought about that. I'm going to look into it.


Will you be in the second season?

Allen: I would love to be in the second season. There is hope!

Meaghan Rath (Sally The Ghost)

We think that your character, the ghost, has it the worst (out of the three supernatural roommates). Who do you think has it the worst?


Rath: It's hard to say who has it the worst. For Sally, what makes it so hard for her is that in her life she was someone that was so involved and wanted to make a difference and had those plans for herself. She changed the world and worked for the UN, and she still has those longings in her life. But nobodies letting her [get involved]. In the last episode we saw Aidan-he's not even telling her anything! She wants to be involved. She wants to help Josh, she knows he's in trouble, and it's just a struggle for her to show that she's powerful. And also for her to find her powers and have control of them and I think that's what we are getting to as the season goes on. There's three episodes left!

Sally has really started getting pretty funny, what do you think about her growth as a character lately?


Rath: Well, since finding out about Danny, and how he killed her, I think she's taken kind of a darker route. She is also retaining a sense of order which is kind of empowering. I think that since that happened in episode five, she has sort of decided that, "That's it, nobody's going to see me cry about Danny any more. I'm not going to be that girl," and she makes a choice to sort of be strong and assume her powers.

What do you hope will happen to your character in the new season?

There's a lot of stuff that happens in the next three episodes and it leaves off somewhere amazing that I'm so excited about. I know nothing about season two, but we have a whole new world to explore. I would like to really see her come into her powers a lot. I mean she can't die, she's already dead! I think once she really gets a hold on her powers she could be really powerful. I would also like to see her explore her family and her friends that she's left behind. We've seen a lot of Danny.


Video by G. Jesse Martinez.

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Benny Gesserit

The finale would have to be pretty special to "break us" any more than the UK season finale.